Beautiful Rustic Wedding Cakes

Sometimes less is more..

We have just designed a ‘Rustic Delight’ cake to compliment the floral display in place at Rivington Hall Barn in Bolton.  We wanted something really stripped back, all about the fresh green colours to compliment the venue.

We went big!..Because the hall could take it,these designs have been super popular recently within the Lake District & Cheshire venues.  They seem to sit very well within natural surroundings.

As you can see above, this cake sits so naturally within this setting. All of your elements tie in together, we look at all of this detail and make sure you get the most out of your styling.

Our rustic cakes can be any flavour, everyone chooses different selections. We did fresh traditional victoria sponge with homemade jam and buttercream, but lots of couples will choose a different flavour for each layer.  This can act as a desert also, so pick as you wish!

We went with a beautiful wooden cake table to again theme with our style of fresh greens, within this natural setting.  Again these small elements really bring the room together, so always try and think of these little touches as they really make a difference.

As you can see below, the room was very romantic and dreamy, the greens worked so very well with the wooden beams above and around the barn.  The flowers in this photograph were provided by Red Floral Architecture.

We were quite clever with lighting also, we placed a small spotlight above to just enhance the cake.

We attend each showcase with Rivington Hall Barn as their cake supplier and we are always around for you to chat with and sample our delicious cake.

Here is the link..Rivington Hall Barn is a beautiful, rustic venue. It is family run and looks stunning with any colour way.